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Fans BBS
Fans BBS

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China didn't have one reason to touch me honestly. the country leader Xi Jinping's face(expression)c
2019-08-17 08:19:29
cannot be said (planned). And China entered my WECHAT first. Vicious extremely.
2019-08-17 08:20:09
A precious photo of a cat&a watch I was proud of and cherished the most. When I entered China, China
2019-08-17 08:22:28
China was harassing me to let many farmers holding cats in arms. China has always been watching TV i
2019-08-17 08:23:19
in Japan, doing insane things always.
2019-08-17 08:23:44
Only when I came back to Japan, I was able to explain China.China had bcome the 72nd element. It was
2019-08-17 08:24:39
a country like virus.
2019-08-17 08:25:02
Goodbye (; ∀;) Me and thank to the goddess of destiny^^
2019-08-17 08:29:04
2019-08-18 04:51:37
Yurikamome, who always holds me somewhere, is also a fabulous. There is always a reason for love, an
2019-08-18 04:52:08
and i don't know what it is.
2019-08-18 04:53:09
2019-08-18 05:00:04
A calm night i reached. Goodbye:)
2019-08-18 05:02:51
2019-08-18 06:17:06
Where there is a great love, there are also miracles. I believe in the future of world and the futur
2019-08-18 06:18:41
future of Japan. Goodbye(*^^)v
2019-08-18 06:20:29
2019-08-19 06:18:34
Chinese movie (1987) “Last Emperor”. It is earlier than 1989 when I graduated from university (Tiana
2019-08-19 06:20:04
(Tiananmen Incident). This was China’s plan because I was in love for the first time in 1989 after g
2019-08-19 06:23:18
in 1989 after graduated from university. Since he participated in the Tiananmen incident, he had no
2019-08-19 06:29:45
rights to look for job, for that reason i received his courtship.
2019-08-19 06:31:28
2019-08-19 06:33:31
There was a scene Emperor Fugi sang, “She likes and loves me only, but now she has disappeared”.
2019-08-19 06:34:17
2019-08-19 06:35:08
So everything, including the Tiananmen incident, was China’s plan.
2019-08-19 06:36:14
2019-08-19 06:42:40
I came to Japan, the country I admired, touched the dream world that were too beautiful, had been im
2019-08-19 06:46:06
immersed in it for a long time, had an adventure, spent holidays with the respected CNN,
2019-08-19 06:46:47
and be saved life by advanced science and technology. All of that is unique.
2019-08-19 06:48:11
私は世界一幸せものです。さようなら(^^) I am the happiest person in the world. Goodbye(._.)
2019-08-19 06:50:55
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