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Kazuya Kamenashi


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2015-10-15 10:41:48
i simply love and adore Kame!
2015-10-22 15:15:48
The guy is just perfect! Complete package from looks and talents
2015-10-23 05:29:07
joker gameメチャメチャカッコ良かった!
2015-10-26 09:31:52
i simply love and adore kame-chan!
2015-11-06 10:02:00
the most handsome and talented in the world!
2015-11-06 10:03:02
534-BELLO!!!! D.T.-ROMANIA!!!
2015-11-22 20:15:34
Total Performer and versatile actor!
2015-12-22 10:01:54
2016-01-22 19:59:52
2016-01-23 16:32:16
2016-01-23 17:11:04
2016-01-24 14:59:51
今天是你生日 happy birthday to you
2016-02-23 04:38:06
Happy Birthday Kame! <3
2016-02-23 17:57:13
2016-03-11 02:56:31
Kamenashi Kazuya you are the best ^_^
2016-05-02 00:52:02
Kame saikouuu
2016-05-27 20:50:53
Love you, Kazuya.
2016-06-12 07:26:49
2016-07-01 23:39:35
I like your movies ❤️ thank you❤️ Good luck
2016-07-19 01:55:42
Fighting! ❤️ Good luck! Be blessed, happy and healthy!
2016-07-19 01:57:49
Good luck! ❤️ Happy weekend!
2016-07-23 01:49:59
2016-08-12 16:22:10
2016-09-19 20:54:47
Always support !! Do not give up!! Kame-chan - Gambatte kudasai!. Faitoo-o! (*^^*)/* (from Russia wi
2016-09-28 23:19:43
with Love!.) ^-^
2016-09-28 23:20:32
You are a star
2016-10-21 12:34:12
2017-04-26 12:12:02
2017-04-30 07:55:55
2017-11-25 17:03:17
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